Face-to-Face: Funda Christophersen
Fashion Blogger, PR lady and Co-founder of Luellemag.com: Funda Christophersen has been really busy lately!
  • Co-founder & Style Director, PR professional & blogger at Byfunda.com – Funda Christophersen knows what’s going on in Fashion. Also, from now on she and Frederikke Brasch Nielsen will support us to catch up with the most interesting Danish style icons.

  • How did you get in touch with lala Berlin and how did those interviews take shape? Frederikke (Brasch Nielsen) and I met Leyla at lala Berlin’s 3 years anniversary event in Copenhagen. We had a long talk and Layla told us about this project that she had done with some girls in Berlin and asked us if we could be interested in doing something similar in Copenhagen as we both know a lot of people in the fashion industry through our work.
  • What do you do for a living? I’m the Co-founder & Style director at Luellemag.com, which is an online fashion site that offers plenty of fashion, shopping, beauty, trends and inspiration. Beside that I work part-time with PR at Jane Kønig and then I blog at Byfunda.com.
  • How does a typical day in your life look like? I spend two days every week working at Jane Kønig’s HQ and three days with Luelle, which can be everything from photo shoots, answering a lot of emails, layoutting articles, editing pictures and going to various meetings and events.
  • What made you start your blog? I started my first blog back in 2009 with a friend, at that time there were not many bloggers in Denmark and it was just for fun. Shortly after launching the blog we were contacted by some of the biggest Danish magazines and moved our blog to Alt for Damerne, then Costume. In 2012 I decided to move to Paris and later on to New York. That was the time I launched my own blog BY FUNDA. In 2013 I joined the Swedish fashion network Freshnet, where my blog has been ever since.
  • Describe your style in 1 sentence? Clean, simple and minimalistic.
  • Do the lala collections to you look more like Berlin, Copenhagen or a totally different city? I think lala Berlin looks as much as Berlin as Copenhagen! We see lala Berlin on a daily basis on the streets of Copenhagen and the beautiful scarves are on girls in every age.
  • Lala Berlin in three words? Colorful, printed and timeless.
  • Leyla as a person/ designer? I met Leyla at lala Berlin’s 3 years anniversary event in Copenhagen. She was so much fun and you could feel that she has a true love for her work. As a designer I think this is represented in her collections which are colorful and fun, but still with classic and timeless pieces.
  • What kind of lala Berlin item do you own do you love the most? I just love my grey cashmere scarf! It goes great with any outfit, keeps me warm and can be used all year around.
  • Funda, you show a lot of pretty street styles. Do you have a tip, when you wake up and think you are too tired to get up and dress nicely? Keep it simple and go for a tone-in-tone look. If you're taking a picture find a clean background which complements your outfit and if you really look tired you can just look to the side, so your face is not shown completely. Regarding the clothing, a slim long sleeved top and a leather skirt always works for me.
  • What are your top 3 spots in Copenhagen? The restaurant Pastis is one of my favorite spots in Copenhagen – I just love the food and the cozy atmosphere which reminds me of Paris. Besides that I spend a lot of time drinking coffee and having meetings at Atelier September and The Union Kitchen.
  • How do you spend the holidays and NYE? What is the best party for you? I’m going to try to really relax in the Holidays and spend some quality time with my boyfriend as we both have been crazy busy with work the last couple of months. We are considering spending Christmas evening at our place, which we never have tried before. The best New Years party for me is spending it with a lot of friends, good food, wine, drinks and music!
  • What was the last interior/fashion/travel souvenir piece you fell in love with? The Lounge Chair PK22 from Fritz Hansen is on top of my wishlist – it’s a classic and timeless piece which would fit my new home perfectly.
  • Any fashion piece you would like to exchange with Frederikke? I love Frederikke’s cool earring and ring from Delfina Delettrez!
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