lala Girl: Style Shiver
Juliane from Styleshiver is the queen of mix and matching.
  • Juliane from Styleshiver is the queen of mix and matching. She has only been blogging full time for a few months but she has already been featured on the most relevant streetstyle blogs and is definitely starting to turn into everybody’s darling. Always very tasteful and clean, Juliane knows how to style cool looks by combining High-Street brands such as Zara with unique items from lala Berlin, Acne or Saint Laurent. Meet sweetheart Juliane from Hamburg!

  • Which fashion item do you own the longest? I think it’s my Acne Rita leather jacket. I bought it years ago and it’s still so timeless and the leather gets more beautiful the older it gets.
  • What may be the weirdest thing in your handbag I honestly have a thing for those small little shoulder bags, so no space means no weird things (boring I know), just my mobile phone, a lip balm (from byTerry) and my purse.
  • How do you survive fashion weeks? With some quality time breaks. Sometimes it’s more important to have a good talk to someone you haven’t seen for a while, than to hurry to the next show. And of course with good & healthy food during meetings and shows. When I’m hungry I’m truly not myself, (rather the bad-tempered version of myself), like the guy in the Snickers commercial.
  • Any desired piece you're saving money for right now? Yes but it’s not a piece. It’s for travelling. I’m saving my money for a trip to the Seychelles at the end of the year. I truly believe in this quote: 'Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.'
  • Juliane x lala Hopefully a long lasting romance. #Iheartyou
  • Photos by Tina Linster

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