"I'm the creator of my universe so that's where the christ comes in"
She gives the German language a whole new look
A Christmas Table by Royal Copenhagen & Leyla Piedayesh
Meet the London-based creative wunderkind.
The culinary oasis for everyone how loves to share their food
written and photographed by MARC SCHUHMANN; #5 Decision
written and photographed by MARC SCHUHMANN; #4 Abstraction
written and photographed by MARC SCHUHMANN; #3 Tactile sensitivity
Leylas Teheran-Tagebuch
written and photographed by MARC SCHUHMANN; #2 Touch
"Ich liebe Mode und Fotografie"
written and photographed by MARC SCHUHMANN; #1 Silence
Our highlights of the next Gallery Weekend
„Great pictures arise in the mind“
One to watch
“For every PING there is a PONG”
We chat to one of the hottest new photographers
The cosmopolitan writer about her first book
A night to be remembered: The opening of the lala Berlin Art Gallery
Dinner and art showcase: Lala Berlin X Hoosen
Our favourite moments of the month
A coffee table book to get inspired for the upcoming season.
Magical history, creamy cakes & a big wedding: What we did in Austria.
Leyla's found her little heaven of tranquillity in the Austrian Alps
When it comes to great hotels, you can trust Leyla. This one is for your body and soul.
Portrait-Photographer Peter Rigaud released a tiny photo book which makes a perfect Christmas gift.
Istanbul has many colors. But only Grey makes the city the prettiest. Look what Leyla's did there on her work-trip.
For dates, birthdays and girls nights: a Korean restaurant like no other in Berlin.
What makes travelling the most comfortable? Great hotels! One of our favorite spots is Made in Mannheim.
We support Designers Against Aids with a special 3D-print for Eastpak.
„Berlin’s Finest“ presents the new lala Berlin store and 49 other pretty fashion or beauty shops in Berlin.
The artist Carsten Fock talking about what formed him, Munich and his three favorite current exhibitions.
One day biking in Berlin's beautiful surroundings with part history, part nature.
The coffeetable book "Fashion Germany" celebrates German Fashion inside Germany as well as abroad.
Fancy picnic food on a boat makes the perfect Berlin summer day.
Das beste After-Work-Techtelmechtel, um Wochenendfeeling zu schnuppern.
Es werden keine Blockbuster gezeigt, dafür aber Filmklassiker, die man schon immer mal sehen wollte.
Sieht gut aus und macht Lust auf Cali: Einmal mit "The Trip Family" durch Kalifornien reisen.
In meinem Kiez, dem Wedding, gehe ich am liebsten auf einen Salat ins Café Auszeit. // Vicky
"David Bowie ist mein Hero. Den Song Absolute Beginners höre ich ständig." (Leyla)
Leyla und mein Loft im Wedding war die Kinderstube von lala Berlin. // Katrin
Das Grill ist mein Wohnzimmer, wo ich mich mit Freunden und Kollegen treffe. // Leyla
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