Meet our Zurich fashion girls
Demanding a voice for outsiders - the perfect match for our “I am Tourist” collection.
Her classy look and attitude reminds of former icons but she is a remarkable actress herself. We took a portrait of the young talent.
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Globetrotting in style
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Charlie Bredal – a model who’s equally beautiful from the outside and inside.
Danish jewelry at its best
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Nefeli and Natalia Georgala definitely belong to the top-league of international Bloggers.
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Much more than just a pretty face: this girl can definitely be called a multi-talent.
Creative, wild and absolutely lovely: these two Girls are going to rock your world.
One shouldn't look like one dressed-up for hours. Easy chic is the key. // Gine
Fashion Blogger, PR lady and Co-founder of Funda Christophersen has been really busy lately!
Sneaker, Running and Fashion, Frederikke has a lot of interests that she shares on her blog.
I love the Paris style! // Kiki
Journalist Kerstin Greiner owns Leyla's debut design work, and will never forget something else Leyla's made.
Alexa von Heyden about her new book and why she was so nervous when meeting Leyla for the first time.
„My dresscode: Scandinavian-minimalist and sporty-masculine.“ // VIENNA WEDEKIND
My style is a combination of very Nineties and very Rock'n'Roll! // LARY
The artist Carsten Fock talking about what formed him, Munich and his three favorite current exhibitions.
Always on the run. And always sharp. // Ann-Kathrin
A great team: classic pieces in a cool combination. // Julia Z.
Please meet the lala special agents Caro and Slavko from Munich
My most hard-working wardrobe piece is a pair of leather leggings. // Camille
I like to be a different person everyday keeping the same base line. // Gala
Die Frage, ob ich modeln will, hielt ich für einen Scherz. // Irma
Kozva Rigaud vertritt mit ihrer Agentur Shotview u.a. Modefotografen, Stylistinnen und Casting Direktoren.
My style is for sure very Black & White! // Celine
Die Eröffnung der Calvin Klein Show 2011 war mein Durchbruch. // Franzi
Mit Leuten die nichts zu sagen haben, rede ich nicht. Nie. // Jina
Hauptsache ich erkenne mich in dem wieder, was ich da trage. // Nike
Ich habe Leyla an ihrem Geburtstag 2010 kennengelernt: beim Mocky-Konzert im Grill. // Bonnie
Leyla und mein Loft im Wedding war die Kinderstube von lala Berlin. // Katrin
Ich kenne Leyla über zehn Jahre und kann mich noch an ihre ersten Schals erinnern.
Ich liebe es, Klamotten nach Tageslaune zusammenzuwürfeln. Aber Hippie muss sein. (Cloudy)
Ich bin der klassische Jeans und T-Shirt Typ. Gute Basics sind für mich unverzichtbar. // Ari