Face-to-Face: Vienna Wedekind
„My dresscode: Scandinavian-minimalist and sporty-masculine.“ // VIENNA WEDEKIND
  • Carola Pojer alias VIENNA WEDEKIND knows how to take on different roles while still staying the same. The Austrian actress puts on various costumes for her roles on stage and in movies. But in her private life she sticks to her distinguished elegant but cool style. So don‘t expect many colors when checking out her style blog, Facebook and Instagram feed. Grey, Black and White are VIENNA WEDEKIND’s main loves. And cool shoes. We‘re down with that!

“Clothes-wise I like it Scandinavian and simple. I dress more boyish than girly but I have, like every woman, a big crush on shoes!”
  • Which fashion item do you own the longest? A dress from Stella McCartney which I once found on ebay. It's a dress with a naked ant warrior woman, showing her boobs and vagina; something I really can't wear here in Vienna.
  • What may be the weirdest thing in your handbag? I guess, earplugs to sleep well. I need it quiet.
  • How do you survive fashion weeks, castings or shootings? With the other thing in my handbag: energy drinks.
  • Any desired piece you're saving money for right now? New lenses for my camera.
  • VIENNA x lala Berlin = I like the lala Berlin-typical combination of simple cuts and superspecial prints. And their shoes, of course!
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  • Photos by Patrick Böcker and Stefan Dotter

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