Face-to-Face: Dustin Hanke
"Stay punk! And true to yourself."

There’s a guy in town who doesn’t set boundaries between women’s and men’s fashion. His name is Dustin Hanke and he is the editor of the blog shiggersonstreet.com. For over seven years he has been posting and writing about fashion & lifestyle alongside a lot of photography and modeling projects. His elective style and androgynous combinations have made him stick out of the crowd in Berlin and made us want to meet him in person.

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  • Dustin: “I want to give everyone the feeling – regardless of their origin, sex, sexuality or appearance – to be able to dress up fashionably, to have fun with fashion and not having to hide. That’s exactly why I find it great to work with lala Berlin. I like to have female followers and thinks they’re as inspiring as all the boys out there. In my opinion, there should be no significant difference between women’s and men’s fashion.”

    On the pictures above Dustin is rocking our Sweatshirt Taurus paired with our Coat Afson on top. Rolled up trousers and no socks… we like! The second look below is a “chic layering lesson”. Here Dustin combines an elegant pinstripe suit with our Coat Eliah thrown over his shoulders. Spot on!

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  • Feeling inspired? Get all the looks on lalaberlin.com and in our Berlin and Copenhagen flagship stores.

    Oh and if your looking for your new favourite fashion blog… This way please:  shiggersonstreet.com

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