lala Berlin x Lana Grossa: The Yarn

The first trend-yarn of this year's co-operation between the family business Lana Grossa and the high-end label lala Berlin is called "lala Berlin Softness".Obviously the name has been chosen due to the particularly soft feel of the yarn.
It consists of the components 47% Virgin Wool Merino Extrafine, 21% Mohair Superkid and 32% Nylon. These are knitted into a tube that makes itself known by an irregular mottled look while knitting. The airy tube yarn is delicate but fluffy and cuddly at the same time. This appearance is caused by the mohair component. When knitting with needle size 10 a knit structure will be created that impresses with its soft surface. lala Berlin Softness is available in 14 innovative and classic colours.

The second newly-developed yarn, Lala Berlin Hairy, is a long pile yarn with "fur" look. It is made of 37% baby alpaca, 14% merino wool, 42% acrylic and 7% polyamide. Wool fibers are spun around the polyacrylic fibers, by encircling the base threads in irregular length and density, and develop a fur-like character when knitting with needle size 8. The quality has a pleasant, soft feel. The innovative material composition is creating a delicate melange-look as mentioned for the first yarn. The colour palette is consistent with "lala Berlin Softness".