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7 Berlin artists, 7 Deadly Sins

We engaged the local creative community in Berlin to create seven artworks for the seven deadly sins, and translated them to t-shirt designs for a limited edition capsule collection.

The Seven Deadly Sins transcend cultures and date back to the birth of religion, but the themes of pride, envy, wrath, lust, gluttony, greed and sloth are more relevant in our world today as ever before.


“I've been thinking about where we stand as a global community right now. If we acknowledged the seven deadly sins as such and would regard them as a certain warning signal, we would all live more mindfully,” says Leyla Piedayesh, Founder & Creative Director of lala Berlin.


To draw attention to mindfulness which is often blocked by our vices, we created a strictly limited t-shirt collection featuring artworks of the seven deadly sins, designed by seven different artists. The selection of artists come from varied backgrounds and different walks of life, but they all call Berlin home. Diversity was crucial for the project
as the perception of the seven deadly sins spans across different places, times
and cultures.


Each of the seven artists specialize in
different creative disciplines and had complete artistic freedom for their
exploration of sin:


Lisa Bender, Tattoo Artist. Lisa portrays the
sin of Envy – in her artwork she envisions a sea of green bodies and heads. All
green with envy.


Julia Parchimowicz, Art Director. She explores
the sin of Sloth to create a dramatic image of an iPhone, held in one hand,
implying our fixation on our screens.


Malen Gall, Collage Artist. Works with images
of bodies that seem entangled, exploring the sin of Lust through nudity and


Johanna Dumet, Painter. Johanna portrays
Gluttony with cartoon-like mouths, open wide, telling a story of insatiability.



We donated €100,000 from the sales of lala Berlin masks to NGOs in support of
children and adolescents facing domestic violence.

 Covid-19 hit us all - some harder than others. To help the most vulnerable in our communities we created lala Berlin masks from offcuts and leftover materials from previous collections.

 With the help of Bambi Foundation, We are donating 100% of the proceeds from mask sales to NGOs supporting children and adolescents facing domestic violence.

 A word from Leyla, our Founder & Creative Director: “I am very happy about the unbelievable sum of 100,000 euros. As a mother and entrepreneur, the result of our donation campaign means a lot to me. I am proud and touched by the support we received and I’m grateful to every single person who bought a mask. For me it´s especially important to invest, with all the power we have, into children and adolescents. Their health and
mindset determines the future. Togetherness. Love. Peace.”