lala Berlin x MERME Berlin

A Clean Beauty Capsule collection with three new skincare products

The creative collaboration of lala Berlin and MERME Berlin combines the innovation and spirit of the fashion label with the highest standards of skin care essentials now exclusively in three brand new, high-quality products "Made in Germany".

Behind the collaboration of lala Berlin and MERME Berlin are two friends from two different generations who regularly set new trends worldwide from Berlin. Their acclaimed brands and products are creations for all senses. Leyla Piedayesh, founder and creative director of lala Berlin, has been using MERME Berlin products for a long time and is a big fan of the brand.

Claire Ralston, founder of MERME Berlin, loves the cool lala style. Both focus on Clean Skincare with sustainable, natural and high quality ingredients and the well-known MERME Berlin minimal ingredient philosophy, free of hidden fillers and chemicals, for the capsule collection "lala Berlin x MERME Berlin". Three effective, natural care products, newly developed for the #lalaFamily, which expands with #lalaxMerme another highlight 2022.

The lala Berlin x MERME Berlin Capsule Collection includes three skincare products that are perfect for spring and summer and should not be excluded from any beauty routine (and handbag), proven by pleasurable application and visible effects:

The "HYDRATING FACE AND BODY MIST" (Aloe Vera Water Serum) is a refreshing and soothing face and body spray that provides the skin with instant moisture and antioxidant protection.

The "FACIAL RADIANCE ELIXIR" is a light, intensely nourishing facial oil made from 100% cold-pressed plum oil that moisturises, quickly absorbs, and revitalises for radiant healthy skin.

The third product of the lala Berlin x MERME Berlin Capsule collection is the "SOOTHING EYE & LIP THERAPY", a 100% cucumber seed oil, intensive and nourishing, which promotes firmness and elasticity of the skin. The three products are suitable for all skin types.

The lala Berlin x MERME products are available now exclusively at the lala Berlin boutique, via and