Love, Wear, Share

We introduced lala Forever to allow you to trade-in your well-loved Lala pieces and receive a store credit to use in our online shop. Then we resell your pieces for the lala Family to enjoy your impeccable sense of style at a reduced price.

Inviting our customers and community to participate in the recycling of our garments was an important step in our journey to becoming a more responsible brand.

The importance of creating a circular environment is increasingly important to all of us and especially at lala Berlin as we seek to reduce our carbon footprint. It is restorative and regenerative by design and provides benefits for business, society, and the environment. In such a system, clothes, textiles, and fibers are kept at their highest value during use and re-enter the economy after use, never ending up as waste.

With lala Forever, we are proud to provide premium quality clothes at reduced prices, while negating CO2 emissions from the production of new clothes, and reducing waste by preventing many of our pieces from ending up in landfill.

lala Forever signals a new chapter for Lala Berlin. One that is more conscious of people and planet than ever before.



lala Berlin produces 60% of our products right here in Europe. We partner with the best suppliers and manufacturers in Italy, Portugal, Poland, Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria to give our customers the highest quality apparel. With quality and sustainability in mind, most of our garments are made using natural fibers.

40% of our production is based in China. This is where we create most of our accessories.

We have fostered long-lasting relationships with all our suppliers and manufacturers because we believe in loyalty and providing ongoing job security. In fact, two of our main suppliers have been with us since the very start of lala Berlin.

We recognize the importance of being sustainable, but these actions alone do not make us a sustainable brand. We can say that we are doing all we can to be responsible in our choices and therefore see the importance to be transparent about our current production landscape, and our fashion responsibility goals for the future.

lala Berlin apparel and accessories are produced based on order volume. This means we aim to never overproduce, which mitigates unnecessary CO2 emissions and reduces the possibility of overstock ending up in landfill.

We select our suppliers and manufacturers based on their abilities to help us on our journey to sustainability. For example, all of our partners must offer 100% biodegradable packaging, with a view to reduce environmental footprint as much as possible. And by partnering primarily with European businesses, we are able to minimize shipping emissions. Our Asia partners are equally as committed to delivering quality product as well as meeting our responsibility requirements.

In addition to the above steps, we have partnered with an external sustainability expert to support in creating even greater change management to give our community and our planet the support they need for the future.