The collaboration is the perfect symbiosis of two different, yet complimentary worlds. The results are exclusive capsule collections with craftsmanship and luxurious materials merging seamlessly with visionary designs.

Now more than ever the zeitgeist is captured by a longing for sustainability and conscious fashion. Our collaboration of natural wool and do-it-yourself designs perfectly captures the moment we’re living in, and diverts from today’s fast-paced fashion world.

The everyday hustle of urban life continues to prompt designer, Leyla Piedayesh, to join forces with Lana Grossa and the peaceful world of knitting. 


For more than 49 years Lana Grossa has been the epitome of high-quality hand-knitting yarns. The yarns are developed and manufactured exclusively in cooperation with the world's leading spinning mills in Italy. Today, Lana Grossa is the leader in the upscale market in Central Europe. 

Leyla Piedayesh, founder and designer of lala Berlin about this collaboration:

Q: How did the cooperation between Lana Grossa and Lala Berlin originally start?

L: Lala Berlin has used Lana Grossa yarns for quite a while now. The quality has convinced me immediately. My enthusiasm for hand-knitting yarns has then brought me to the idea of a cooperation.

Q: Knitting is a top-trend! In your opinion, where does the fascination come from?

L: In our fast-paced life everyone longs for a few quiet moments - with no Internet and no mobile phone. Just some time off in order to be able to find yourself. Therefore, the return to traditional virtues plays a major role. In my eyes, knitting is the perfect balance to a stressful daily routine. To me, it's almost a form of mediation: the repetitive movements and the rhythm allow you to drift into another world for a few moments!

Q: What item would you usually recommend to a beginner?

L: I think a scarf is a great way to start knitting because you can easily follow the pattern and stop when you feel the scarf is long enough.