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  1. Jacket Cassidy


    Cassidy is a new edition of the classic biker jacket sporting a wet-look in khaki. Its clean design and zip detailing add a final touch to this statement piece which is extremely versatile and thus easy to combine. Learn More
  2. Scarf Tazeen


    Scarf Tazeen is a small modal scarf featuring our new Oriental Flower print. Combine Tazeen with basics, for it adds the necessary dash of colour to every outfit. Learn More
  3. Skirt Emy Lacquer


    Emy is a mini-skirt in khaki sporting a wet-look. Detail stitching and zipper detailing add a final touch to this classy yet modern statement piece. Learn More
  4. Dress Mina Crepe Print


    Mina is a dress that combines electric design with comfort. It is made of comfy microcêpe and stuns with artfully added flounces. Also, it features our new PreFall 2017 “Flowersplash Black Print“ in exciting urban graffiti-inspired, contrasting colours. Learn More
  5. iPhone 7 Orient Flower


    Our popular lala Berlin mobile case for Apple's iPhone 7 now available printed with our new Orient Flower print. Learn More
  6. Blouse Keery


    Kerry is a sheer shirt dress made of silk featuring our brand-new Fall 2017 Orientfloral Deep Print. The delicate material in combination with the elegant all-over print make for a tasteful contrast to the casual cut with concealed buttons and rounded hem. Learn More
  7. Coat Nara


    Coat Nara is an unusual coat featuring a two-toned deconstructed style. The artfully interwoven material is extremely soft and therefore very comfortable to wear. This punk-inspired coat is very versatile and an indisputable must-have for autumn 2017. Learn More
  8. iPhone 7 Dripping Kufiya


    Our popular lala Berlin mobile case for Apple's iPhone 7 now available in Cloud Burst our new SS/16 colour and printed with our new Dripping Kufiya print. Learn More
  9. Blouse Anett Millefleur


    Annett is an oversized blouse made of georgette featuring our new PreFall 2017 print “Millefleure Khaki“. The feminine floral elements combined with the casual and masculine fit of the blouse add an urban touch to every outfit. The premium-quality material and the elaborate piping add extra comfort and an elegant finish. Learn More
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