Our longings and hopes reveal a lot about us – even if they cannot always be located in reality and seem unattainable. With the new CS23 collection, lala Berlin embarks on a journey to these inner places of longing, sprung from our own imagination.

Surreal sky spheres, green island and beach landscapes, the feeling of warm sun on the skin – dreaming away and diving into another pulsating world are the sentiments running through the designs of the coming season.

Flowing caftans, linen summer dresses and patterned one-piece suits are the key pieces in this beach collection. Hand-woven carpet bags, bucket hats and light cotton voiles that can be combined as scarves or headscarves complete the fashion odyssey and serve as loyal companions. The color palette is clean and vibrant – the focus is on pure black and white tones accompanied by warm naturals. These are juxtaposed by an intense kelly green – a shade of green that gives the collection an airy lightness and sense of freshness. Summery graphic designs meet zebra patterns and the Heritage print typical of lala Berlin, which has been abstractly alienated and reinterpreted. Another element is the washed-out, bleached patterns in a batik look, which create a holiday in your mind.

"Life is one journey and it starts with ourselves," says Creative director Leyla Piedayesh. "We take you to lala Berlin's fictional dream places that we wish existed in reality!"